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Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Capture Life With Cats | Bored Panda

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113 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Capture Life With Cats

Cats are cute and lovable creatures, but they can sometimes be a true mystery to us humans. These creative comics, called Cat Versus Human, perfectly describe. Yasmine Surovec began sketching her clever and sarcastic Cat Versus Human cartoons as a way to relax and unwind. Soon, her popular blog. Cat Versus Human. likes · talking about this. .
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These creative comics, called Cat Versus Human, perfectly describe the difficulties a cat owner faces when dealing with the phenomenon of 'cat logic'.
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Cat Versus Human [Yasmine Surovec] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hilarious collection of over four color cat cartoons including. But hey, at least I still have this site and I can still share my comics. And if you're part of my secret cat lady group, that has NOT been hacked. Just the FB Page. Yasmine Surovec runs a blog called Cat vs. Human. It features comic strips that many cat people can relate to - and find humorous! I love her.
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