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Although marking is not an elimination problem, if there are too few litter boxes for all the cats, conflict will arise over litter box use and can contribute to marking. Place additional boxes in locations where the anxious marking cat spends the majority of his time. For help locating a behavior expert in your area, please see our article Cat urine spray Professional Behavior Help. But cats have a somewhat unique social structure in that they do not cat urine spray, eat or sleep in groups like dogs. Again, the object is to avoid conflict between cats.
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The problem can be reduced or contained to your satisfaction but guidance should be offered regarding the long-term wellbeing of the individual cat.

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Urine spraying in cats | International Cat Care

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Once medical causes have been ruled out your vet will refer you to a behaviour specialist.

Urine spraying in cats

A spray made with enzymes that target pet urine can help break down the urine and make it less likely that your cat will return. There are a number of these. urineOFF Cat & Kitten Stain and Odor Remover and Pheromone Blocker . Urine Off Cat Formula comes in trigger spray, carpet injector or 4 ounce travel size. Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer - Cat Urine Enzyme Cleaner - Pour, 32 fl. oz. $ Nature's Miracle No More Spraying Just for Cats Stain & Odor Remover .
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Is it a common problem? Animal species who live in social groups in which the members depend on each other for survival have sophisticated interpersonal communication.

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Neutering at this time would probably prevent the spraying from recurring and would avoid roaming, fighting and unwanted pregnancies; your vet will advise. Increased play with individual cats in different areas of your home can sometimes reduce conflict. You will often see other cats outside spraying urine against bushes, fences and other objects. The cat is an unneutered male. Is it only male cats that spray urine? It also contains extra communication chemicals.
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They might do it to preempt a problem by leaving a message that this place is theirs, or they might do it to comfort themselves with their own familiar scent. Once medical causes have been ruled out your vet will refer you to a behaviour specialist.
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Here's how to clean up cat urine in 3 places: carpet, non-carpet surfaces and bedding. Unneutered males spray to mark their territory, and unneutered females. Cat urine is one of the strongest & most tenacious smells there is. Although neutered and spayed cats are less likely to spray, some still do. There is still some debate about the purpose of urine spraying but it is suggested that it facilitates communication between cats from a distance, to coordinate.
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