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One resident says he knows the suspect and believes drugs boy throws cat be involved. The video has since been removed from social media. Ontario Police immediately launched an investigation into the incident that eventually led them to identify boy throws cat year-old male believed to be responsible for the pitbull and kitten of the kitten. According to an Ontario Police Department news release, the suspect was taken into custody on December 4 in Upland after being spotted by police. A viral video has sparked outrage online and a police investigation into animal abuse. If true, the man follows those before him who have committed acts of violence against both animals and humans.
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When asked about the importance of social media in this case at the press conference, Lieutenant Jeff Gilmore, of the WPD, noted the video had a crucial role in helping police identify the injured cat and the alleged abuser. Read more from Yahoo Lifestyle.

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Video: Teen Violently Throws Kitten Onto Street & Films It [GRAPHIC] |

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His name is being withheld from the public due to his age.

Boy suspected of throwing cat into street in Snapchat video arrested

"I hate cats," reads the caption of a video showing a young cat being violently hurled at a wall, according to KWCH of Hutchinson, Kansas. Authorities in Southern California have arrested a year-old boy who was captured on a Snapchat video throwing a cat into the street. Ontario police arrested a year-old boy after they say he was seen on video throwing a kitten.
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What to Read Next. Let him know what you think of him posting a video of him throwing a cat across a street!

What to Read Next

He probably did it just to look cool on video. Unlike inorganic chemistry… wherein the measurement, and manipulation of materials may be more effectively brought within the control of technicians or scientists! OntarioPD December 4, I hope they catch him and make him rot in jail! The Inland Valley Humane Society is assisting with the investigation and care of the injured animal.
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Please refer to the attached press release for additional information. One resident says he knows the suspect and believes drugs may be involved.
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An year-old was arrested Friday after a video surfaced showing a man forcefully throwing a cat into water, the Patterson Police Department. "I hate cats," reads the caption of a video showing a young cat being violently hurled at a wall, according to KWCH of Hutchinson, Kansas. A California teenage boy was arrested Friday after he was caught on this is Felipe the flying cat” before hurling the animal into the water.
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