Chest sounds like cat purring

I noticed it seemed she was breathing odd and making a wheezing sound while breathing. It chest sounds like cat purring low rasping breath and now appears to have bloody discharge from nose. I'm not sure if he could just have a cold or it could be something else. They put him on an oral antibiotic and an anti nausea because he kept gagging, but I feel like I need a second opinion. My kitten patchy breathes loudly and becomes breathless after intense running and playing.
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Any suggestions on what this could be?

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If a child or infant coughs hard enough, it will trigger the gag reflex and up will come their stomach contents. He can be quite playful but he's not nearly as active as other kittens I've had this age.

Purring in cats during auscultation: how common is it, and can we stop it?

Croup is accompanied by stridor, a wheezing sound as the child If it feels like a cat purring, not to worry - a cough is often amplified by the. and starting this morning, she can't breathe without sounding like a cat purring. Is there anything I can do for her, and does it sound like she may be at risk to. A few months ago when I went to bed as I was breathing out my throat seemed to be making a sound like 'popping candy', then soon after high.
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She becomes disoriented and loses ability to hold herself up and walk. None of the blood work or urinalysis done by the rescue's vet showed anything useful. No mucus, no labored breathing, no signs of a cold or an obstruction.

Noisy Breathing in Cats

Thank you in advance Michelle Read more at: How can I help my babies feel better? When they were 4 months old they both had weepy eyes, and discharge from the nose but that went away itself. Her appetite is fine, although not eating quite as much as normal but she is still eating. Everything else in his life is fine. Sometimes due to the position or angle that an animal may sleep in, it may cause them to make a noise whilst sleeping; also some issues with the soft palate, larynx among other disorders may also cause a noise whilst sleeping. Has yellowing on her chin possibly from vomiting previously.
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You could try giving some cetirizine at 5mg per day to see if the cause is due to allergies and allowing Mini to stay in the bathroom to breathe in the humid air when you have a shower which may help loosen stuff up. She seemed fine I just figured she had a stubborn hairball. It sounds like she hiccups and wheeze at the same time.
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Today she started to sound like a cat purring. Almost a vibrating/rattle in her chest when she breaths. She has been eating normally and with no. and starting this morning, she can't breathe without sounding like a cat purring. Is there anything I can do for her, and does it sound like she may be at risk to. Learn more about the causes and treatment of stertor and stridor in cats, below. Unusually loud breathing sounds are often the result of air passing through are loudest during inspiration, they are from disease other than in the chest.
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