Cats purr heals bones

Why do female cats purr while giving birth? When it comes to your orthopod recommending or using these techniques, it may depend more on their cats purr heals bones model than what they believe may be beneficial to their patients. Such things as non-traditional therapies or naturally occurring substances are cats purr heals bones money-makers, nor covered by insurance, generally speaking. The argument in the paper is basically as follows: The cite in the question is to an article called The Cat's Purr for Healing which excepts from a book by Paula Peterson, who interviewed a researcher called Elizabeth Von Muggenthaler, so that is where we must go to find the evidence.
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It seems that low intensity ultrasound has definite evidence going for it in terms of bone growth stimulation. HERE is the abstract for a study in which a 1Hz frequency on the tibias of rabbits provided measured improvement in bone strength. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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The Healing Power of the Cat Purr | Mental Floss

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Does a Cat’s Purr Have Healing Powers?

Research found that a cat's purr has the ability to heal tendons, muscles and bones. An accelerometer was also used to measure domestic cat purrs. that best promote bone growth/fracture healing [Chen et al., Zhong. Wai Ke. A recent article details how a cat's purr can be connected to improved bone density. Curiosity got to me and I decided to take a closer look.
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Snuggling up to your furry companion can actually be good for you. By this reasoning, if we take any species and compare illness rates to another species, should we conclude that all instances in which one does better than another simply cannot be a coincidence? HERE is Wiki's summary of beneficial results from low frequency ultrasound stimulation of bone and teeth. Can a cat eat and purr at the same time? Do cats know dogs aren't cats? Note the results for the google phrase, "using sound waves for healing".
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Re. the claim that cat bones heal faster; I could find no such evidence in my searching. Every search phrase returns that site or a copy-cat of it. An accelerometer was also used to measure domestic cat purrs. that best promote bone growth/fracture healing [Chen et al., Zhong. Wai Ke. Well, research has shown that the frequency of a cat's purr actually works But it's not just about healing bones, the healing power of cats can.
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