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Tabbies also have a well-known hatred of reflective surfaces, so placing sheets of cat deterrent garden foil or even old cds in your garden will throw them off their game. Initially, it may take a few weeks of constant application until the cats get the message but after that, an occasional blitz of your outdoor areas should suffice. Cats dislike overpowering scents especially citrus basedso planting cat deterrent garden aromatic herbs will put them off. These detectors come in a few different forms, from ultrasonic devices that cat deterrent garden a high frequency sound when activated, to jet spray sprinklers that release a burst of water when a cat crosses its path. Put scraps into bird feeders high off the ground and if you have your own pets, feed them indoors. This works on the principle that cats will be frightened off by the territorial scent of a larger feline.
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However, they do require a power source and the jet spray models also require a water supply. What do they like about your garden?

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5 Cat Repellents & Deterrents That Actually Work | DIY Garden

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You may need a stronger preventative.

5 Cat Repellents That Actually Work

The Scaredy Cat are experts when it comes to cat repellents and cat deterrents. If you have cats causing problems in your garden then see our helpful guides. So the neighbourhood cat keeps digging in your garden. Should you Rumour has it that this magic combination of strong scents is unparalleled kitty repellent. Just like their human counterparts, cats are drawn to the garden. When your cat ( or To solve the issue, try incorporating a natural cat repellent.
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Available as pellets or sprays, they can be bought cheaply from most pet shops and garden centres. For the most persistent infiltrators, mechanical precautions may be necessary.

What’s That Smell?

Hopefully, at least one of the above methods will work for you. The nice little patch of compost where they can warm themselves? Put scraps into bird feeders high off the ground and if you have your own pets, feed them indoors. The free dinner they get when you throw your lunchtime scraps out to the birds? Cats love a good, soft, dry spot.
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Bring in the artillery!
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Owners say the Pest Soldier works well for everything from keeping cats away from gardens to deterring pigeons from hanging out in your. Ideas to keep cats away from your veg garden . My solution is Wallys Cat Repellent, purchased online for $16 at Our experts review 7 of the best cat repellent products in the UK. Rated by effectiveness & cost. Stop cats pooping in your garden today!.
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