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Glad you joined Heavdog! I have one that I am no longer able to keep, he is 4 and a great mouser. He has the white on his muzzle, and also the rings on tail and parts of his body like I have seen in pictures of Flame Point Siamese. Sometimes it starts Braiding. But watch out of for health. The Foreign White Siamese is the only white cat with blue eyes that can both hear and have tapetum lucidum present in their eyes. Those who favour the Traditional Siamese look may also favour the more moderate-typed Colorpoint Shorthairs that take after their American Shorthair ancestors are flame point siamese cats rare shape.
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DyeAnnB 11 years ago. I delete the spam folder contents daily. TICA accepts all pointed colors so accept the flame point.

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10 Rare Cat Breeds

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He has the pointing gene giving him the Siamese appearance but there are other genes at work too. Therefore, in that sense, Flame Point Siamese cats don't exist.

Colorpoint Shorthair

There's a lot of talk about the Flame Point Siamese cat, but does it actually exist? Is it the same as a Red More about the more unusual colors: All about Red. Just curious to know how many of your cats are purebred and how many are Therefore, in that sense, Flame Point Siamese cats don't exist. .. Since Jack has such unusual coloring and marking, I thought he was one of a. Learn more about these rather rare felines, see photos, and get tips about buying a kitten in this If you've never heard of flame point Himalayan cats, you aren't alone. Understanding Himalayan Cat Colors · How the Siamese Cat Rescue.
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This picture looks like the stray intact male that is starting to call my home, his own. Siamese cat history , charting the journey from Traditional through Classic to me, this is the Thai cat to Modern is interesting. Is there one out there for me?

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He may be a flame pointed cat with other modifier genes. Flame Point stories and questions: During and after Patricia Turner's breeding efforts, other breeders were experimenting in producing their own White Siamese. He needs constant reassurance. Mine is a mix!
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We have two mixes. It's the same in Australia. Cait9 10 years ago.
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Explore Angeerah's board "Flame point Siamese cats" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Siamese Cat, Siamese cats and Cute kittens. There is a lot of genetic work going on in a Flame point Siamese Cat. First there is The cat breeders of the cat fancy created the flame point (starting about ). . Hi Stacy, He is a very interesting and unusual looking cat. While cat lovers can recognize a Siamese with ease, or pick a Persian out of a lineup, the characteristics of rare cat breeds elude us. Ragdoll breed with similar characteristics but only in pointed colors,” explains Miller.
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