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Even if Kitty will be queen of the castle, you want to be taking care of a kitten if she sneaks out. These are usually dry, but some companies produce tinned varieties too. A female kitten needs to be spayed to prevent unwanted litters and there is no need for the cat to have had a litter beforehand. Talk to your vet about routine treatment to keep your cat healthy and free from fleas. When your kitten starts to go outside more often, gradually move the litter tray towards the door.
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If you already own a cat which is using the flap, be aware that the kitten may watch and learn to let itself out before you are ready. Close kitchen and bathroom cabinets because household items like bleach, detergent, antifreeze can be very harmful.

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Use a wormer available from your vet and follow the dosing instructions carefully.

How to Take Care of Kittens

How to Take Care of Kittens. Having young kittens in the house is an exciting time, but caring for them is more than just a matter of feeding and cleaning up after. Raising a kitten is one of the most fun things you'll ever do, but it's also a big responsibility Kitten Basics - Taking Care of Your New Kitten. How to Care for Your Kitten. Kittens are so wonderful! But they do take some special care. Weaning. Mothers usually begin to wean their kittens at about 4 weeks.
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Your vet will be able to advise you about microchipping. You may need to repeat this process at regular intervals.

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Explain to them that they are not furry toys that are there to be constantly played with and for those particularly excitable children, it might be best to occupy their attention in other ways so your kitten can gradually acclimatize to their new surroundings and family members. Do not remove the litter tray from indoors until your kitten has started using the garden. As with all animals, kittens need fresh drinking water available at all times. Keep garden chemicals stored safely and take care if using slug bait or chemicals on the garden itself — some types can be toxic to animals. Most cats will not touch such plants but kittens may be more inquisitive.
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ID tag or implanted microchip. Take care when introducing your kitten to other family members and existing pets so as to ensure they all get off on the right foot.
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How to Care for Your Kitten. Kittens are so wonderful! But they do take some special care. Weaning. Mothers usually begin to wean their kittens at about 4 weeks. Introducing a kitten to its new home will require a few adjustments for you and Read through the following information for advice on caring for your kitten, and. Now that you have a young kitten to care for there are several things you to do is to arrange to take your kitten to the veterinarian for a general.
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