How to shave a long haired cat

Always cut the hair towards the head for best results. Yes, that is true. Work from head to tail. Charities and Organizations Disclaimer. Your cat will trust these people more than a stranger. Work forward with the clippers against the growth.
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And the way to do that is with professional pet grooming. Any chronic digestive disturbance in your cat should be investigated and resolved as soon as possible to prevent more aggressive GI diseases from taking hold as your pet ages.

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How to Shave a Cat (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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Caring for a Long-Haired Cat. Try the comb cut.

How to Care for Your Long-Haired Cat

Cats just love to groom themselves. Unfortunately, they can't always If you have a longhaired cat, brush it at least once and possibly twice per day. Brush your. Most groomers keep the hair on the cat's head longer so don't shave that. If you really think the hair on her head needs a trim, use the trimmers. You've probably considered shaving your long-haired cat, especially if you live in a hotter climate. Before you send your furball off to get those.
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Will bathing a cat with matted fur before shaving loosen the mats or make them worse? Train your cat to associate grooming with positive things like petting and rewards. Some cats, and long-haired cats in particular, occasionally need baths.

How Much Grooming Help Your Cat Will Need Depends on Several Factors

Do not shave further down the legs and paws where skin, ligaments, and tendons are sensitive to nicking. Becker Many cat lovers are especially drawn to long-haired kitties, because let's face it, they're magnificent to look at! Clear the cut hair from the clippers and oil the blade often. There are many options for functional treats—from hairball-reducing snacks to those that can help improve coat quality. It could be anywhere from once a week to every 3 months—it all depends on the cat. With the other hand, shave down the tail toward the pom.
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Consider visiting a pet groomer. This will allow you and your cat to rest between sessions.
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Even though healthy cats habitually groom themselves and are fastidious by nature, many long-haired kitties need a little or even a lot of extra. While shaving a long haired cat maybe a last resort for keeping the cat clean, it shouldn't be viewed as an awful alternative. Shaving your cat can be a painful and traumatic experience (and Matted fur occurs more often in long-haired cats than in short-haired ones.
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