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From October 9th to October 10th, all 5 games of the first round of the South American World Cup qualifiers ended. The Brazil team, which debuted last, beat Bolivia 5-0 without any suspense, and took the first step on the road to Qatar. Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay also won the first game. These four teams and Peru all It is a team participating in the World Cup in Russia.


The game was scheduled to take place in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian team was oppressing Bolivia, the weakest in Sout亚博app手机下载h America, with a shooting ratio of 21:3. The score was also the most disparate in the first round. Liverpool striker Firmino scored two goals and the top star Neymar also contributed assists to Firmino and Coutinho in the second half. The star-studded Brazilian team unsurprisingly defeated their opponents and led the way after the first round. Four days later, Brazil will usher in its second away opponent Peru.


The opponent in the first round was Venezuela, which has never reached the World Cup finals in South America, so Colombia won easily. In the trident, Zapata and Muriel, two Serie A forwards, swept the team with three goals in the first half, and Ronaldo was also in a relatively good state. The coach from Europe Queiroz completed his debut in the South American World Championships.


The strength of the two sides is between the two, Uruguay finally relied on the long-range shot of the new star Maxi Gomez to complete the lore. Two former Barcelona stars Suarez and Sanchez also scored. The outcome of this game is likely to be crucial for the final qualifying. Although the Chilean team is the two-time Copa America champion, it has also begun to expose the hidden danger of alternate gaps between the old and the new.


Messi is working hard for his fifth World Cup trip. His winning penalty allowed Argentina to win a good start. However, the Argentine team's lineup is not yet balanced, and the contrast between the front and back courts is still obvious. Although it is not difficult to compete for the right to qualify, but to be competitive in the World Cup, more players are required to exert their strength.


The only draw came from Paraguay 2-2 Peru. In the end, among the five teams that were close to the World Cup finals in 2018, the five-star Brazil + the other three superpowers all won their first wins. Peru scored 1 point away from the game and it was a good start. From the first round, the characteristics of the South American qualifiers have appeared more or less. Of course, there are 17 rounds remaining, and it is too early to discuss who will appear. Just a good start is half the battle, at least the possibility of an underdog team in South Am亚博游戏app下载苹果版erica is still very low.


Finally, let’s take a look at the distribution of the number of times the 10 South American teams have entered the World Cup finals. Brazil has not missed 21 times, Argentina ranked second on 17 times, Uruguay 13 times are also regular visitors, in addition to Chile (9 times), Paraguay (8 times) , Colombia (6 times), Peru (5 times), Ecuador (3 times), Bolivia (3 times), only Venezuela has never broken through.