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  Film production companies have always been eager to take a share of the huge profit potential of the Chinese market, so that they modify their films to cater to China's strict film censorship system. Next, Da Shi will introduce ten Hollywood movies that have made changes to and cater to the tastes of Chinese audiences.


   One year before this Marvel movie was released, a large Chinese dairy company recalled a batch of mercury-contaminated formula milk powder. A similar incident occurred in 2008, which resulted in the death of six babies and sickened more than 300,000 babies. After the recall, Chinese parents began to flock to Hong Kong to buy baby food out of concerns about the quality of domestic milk powder. Under pressure from Chinese parents' rush, Hong Kong introduced a policy of restricting the purchase of two cans of infant formula.

在这部惊奇电影上映的前一年,一家大型中国乳制品公司召回了一批含汞的配方奶粉。 2008年发生了类似的事件,导致6名婴儿死亡,使30万婴儿生病。召回后,出于对国产奶粉质量的担忧,中国父母开始涌向香港购买婴儿食品。在中国父母的奔忙压力下,香港出台了限制购买两罐婴儿配方奶粉的政策。

   What does this have to do with Iron Man? In the Chinese version of "Iron Man 3", there are four minutes of additional footage. Chinese movie audiences have a question: "What does Iron Man rely on to restore energy?" The answer given by three outstanding Chinese actors is "a lot of grains"-a milk drink familiar in mainland China . In the additional footage, a Chinese doctor who was preparing for an operation was drinking "a lot of grains".


   The New York Times believes that deliberately adding such lenses to alleviate the public’s concerns about the quality of domestic milk powder is a scrupulous and unthinking behavior. But for whatever reason, Chinese Weibo users also criticized the move. The accusation of "a lot of grains" and other Chinese products squeezed into the additional four-minute lens is actually a blunt placement of ads.


   In order to enter the vast market in China, filmmakers have taken extra care and handled the clips that mention China in the film. In order to avoid offending the Chinese government (which is very sensitive to the image of the country displayed on the screen), as long as China is involved, even the most innocuous part will undergo strict self-censorship by film studios.


   For example, in 2015, Sony executives deleted two shots from "Pixel Wars": one is that the Great Wall has been damaged, and the other is a potential hacker attack in China. Interestingly, part of this film was invested by China Film Group Corporation (the state-owned organization that determines which foreign films can be shown in China). In other words, it is precisely because of the guarantee that "Pixel Wars" will be released in China that Sony Distribution Company pays so much attention to the film script.


Similarly, Universal Studios (Universal Studio translator's note: the famous West Coast Hollywood studio and theme park in the United States) popular zombie film "Zombie World War" in order to obtain the coveted China screening rights, also made certain changes to the script. This is in line with the taste of the Chinese. In the final editing, a dialogue about "The Bane of Zombies Originated in China" was removed. But the producers of that film don't need to feel too distressed, because no matter what changes are made, even if the dialogue is cut out in "Zombie World War", the film has not passed the censorship of China and cannot be released on the mainland.


  During Quentin Tarantino's career as a director, his relationship with the Chinese film market has been strained. "The Rescued Jiang Ge" is the first of all his works to be officially released in Chinese theaters. Unlike the United States, China does not have a rating system that restricts the viewing age of movies. Strictly speaking, this means that people of different ages can watch any movie. Considering Tarantino's movie style's preference for violent aesthetics, it is completely unexpected that "The Freed Jiang Ge" can be released in China.

在昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)担任导演的职业生涯中,他与中国电影市场的关系十分紧张。 “被救的姜格”是他的所有作品中的第一部在中国剧院正式发行。与美国不同,中国没有分级制度来限制电影的观看年龄。严格来说,这意味着不同年龄的人都可以观看任何电影。考虑到塔伦蒂诺的电影风格偏爱暴力美学,完全可以预料的是,《释放的江歌》能否在中国上映。

   However, it was only in this movie that Tarantino agreed to eliminate the violent display by reducing the special effects of blood splash and deepening the color of blood. After that, although the film was vigorously promoted for several weeks, it was forced to go offline on the day of its release due to "technical problems" claimed by the Chinese film industry.


   One month later, "The Rescued Jiang Ge" was finally released after a few shots were deleted by the Chinese reviewers. The bloody ending is basically cut is the key to the film's final permission to be released. In the end, it was unfortunate for Mr. Tarantino that his tribute to classic Westerns did not attract the interest of Chinese audiences. "The Rescued Jiang Ge" also failed in China.

一个月后,在中国评论家删除了几张镜头后,“救出的江歌”终于发行了。血腥的结局基本上是削减的,这是影片最终获准发行的关键。最后,对于塔伦蒂诺先生来说,不幸的是,他对古典西方人的敬意并没有引起中国观众的兴趣。 “被救的江歌”在中国也失败了。

   "The Rescued Jiang Ge" did not succeed because it was not seen by the Chinese reviewers. Tarantino had encountered similar situations before. In 2012, the director of the Kung Fu film "The Man with the Iron Fists" used Tarantino's fame to promote the film (Tarantino was the producer of "Iron Fist").

“救助的姜格”之所以没有成功,是因为中国评论家没有看到它。塔伦蒂诺以前也遇到过类似情况。 2012年,功夫电影《铁拳男子》的导演利用塔伦蒂诺的名气来宣传这部电影(塔兰蒂诺是《铁拳》的制片人)。

   From the very beginning, the script of the movie passed the Chinese official review. (In order to ensure that it can pass the review, the producer did not choose an actor that Chinese officials did not accept—Edison Edison.) However, despite the efforts of the film producer, "Tekken" was finally unable to be released in China for some reasons that could never be explained. .

从一开始,这部电影的剧本就通过了中国官方的审查。 (为了确保其能够通过审查,制片人没有选择中国官员不接受的演员爱迪生·爱迪生。)但是,尽管电影制片人做出了努力,但《铁拳》最终未能在美国上映。中国由于某些原因无法解释。 。

   In 2012, the number of foreign films shown in Chinese cinemas increased from 20 to 34, and the newly added 14 films were restricted to only be shown in IMAX or 3-D theaters. In the following years, Hollywood film and television production companies scrambled to launch movies that were converted from 2-D to 3-D for the Chinese market.


   Sony’s management stated that in order to ensure that Robocop, which was reproduced in 2014, could be released successfully, they reluctantly retained some scenes that Chinese audiences believed were essential to the development of the plot. One of the shots featured a close-up of the incomplete body part of the Robocop that was exposed when the armor was removed.


   These are unacceptable to Chinese audiences. In an open email, Sony’s management pointed out that they had risked spending too much on lenses that they insisted on keeping. Therefore, Sony decided to release the 3-D special edition of Robocop only in China.


   Similarly, "The Hungry Games: Mockingjay-Part I" (The Hungry Games: Mockingjay-Part I) released in China is also a 3-D version specially made for China. When the finale of the "Hunger Games" series was released, Lionsgate only released the 2-D version in the United States, while the 3-D version was released in China and other overseas theaters. This decision further confirms that the 3-D craze is over in the United States and that the 3-D movies produced by Hollywood are only for international audiences.

同样,在中国发行的“饥饿游戏:模拟人生第一集”(The Hungry Games:Mockingjay-Part I)也是专门为中国制作的3D版本。当“饥饿游戏”系列的结局发行时,狮门影业只在美国发行了2-D版本,而在中国和其他海外影院发行了3-D版本。该决定进一步证实了3D热潮在美国已经结束,好莱坞制作的3D电影仅面向国际观众。

   One way to avoid China's "34 films" rule (Translator's Note: China introduces 34 films every year) is to make co-productions. This means that a Chinese company can unite a film and directly put it into production. Ensuring the status of a co-produced film not only guarantees that a film can be released in China, but also can be screened during the major shutdown period of Chinese film screening (domestic film protection month).

避免中国“ 34部电影”规则(译者注:中国每年引进34部电影)的一种方法是共同制作。这意味着中国公司可以将电影联合起来直接生产。确保共同制作电影的状态,不仅可以保证电影可以在中国发行,而且可以在中国电影放映的主要停业期间(国内电影保护月)进行放映。

   "The Ring Messenger" released in 2012, 40% of its $60 million budget was sponsored by DMG, a Chinese media company. But the path of “co-production” is not perfect. The filming location moved from Paris to Shanghai, and DMG changed from a media company to a financier. In addition, an outstanding Chinese actress played an important role in the film, which gave the film a deep Chinese mark.


   After a few weeks of vigorous promotion, however, this does not apply to Western movies. "Loop Messenger" has not been officially awarded as a "co-production" status. Zhang Pimin (the deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television at the time) seemed to want to combat the ambitions of the film. In a statement, he criticized that the film was only slightly modified on the surface to obtain the allocation quota. Zhang Pimin also pointed out that these films have had a certain impact on the box office of Chinese films.

经过几周的大力宣传,这不适用于西方电影。 “ Loop Messenger”尚未被正式授予“共同制作”状态。张Pi敏(当时的国家广播电影电视总局副局长)似乎想打击电影的野心。他在一份声明中批评说,该电影在表面上仅作了少许修改以获得分配配额。张Pi敏还指出,这些电影对中国电影的票房产生了一定的影响。

   One week before the release of "Circle Messenger", the Chinese authorities announced that the film was awarded as an "assisted co-production." Although it is a bit puzzling, only in this way, more content can be edited, can it finally be released in China.

在“ Circle Messenger”上映前一周,中国当局宣布该片被授予“辅助联拍”。尽管有点令人费解,但只有这样,才能编辑更多内容,并最终在中国发布。

   The film "Loop Messenger" shows that a film labeled as "co-production" does not necessarily guarantee that it will get a high box office in Chinese theaters. The movie "Kung Fu Dream" released in 2010 also brought us profound lessons.

电影《环信使》显示,标有“共同制作”的电影并不一定保证它将在中国戏院获得很高的票房。 2010年上映的电影《功夫梦》也给我们带来了深刻的教训。

   As a result of the cooperation with China Film Group, the film was released in China under the name "Kung Fu Dream". After all, Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art, and Karate comes from neighboring Japan. The film was completely filmed in China, and "Kung Fu Dream" was also filmed using a script approved by the Chinese people, but it still ran into China's online censorship. After the film was finalized, because a Chinese character in the play was the main villain of the film, the original propaganda request of "Kung Fu Dream" in China was rejected. As a result, the movie was postponed and the 12-minute content of the original film was cut.


   To be more specific, the Chinese version of the movie that was edited out is that the Chinese children insulted the American hero without provocative meaning. On the contrary, the Chinese version only showed some fighting shots of Jaden Smith to show the character's aggressiveness. The footage of a Kung Fu teacher who is the main villain has also been edited out.


An American film critic based in China commented: The film has changed in essence, from a boring story of a loser defeating his persecutors to an angry American who discovers himself and seeks peace through traditional Chinese martial arts. Mental journey.


   If there is any movie that can prove the growing relationship between China and Hollywood, it must be the sports drama "Tekken" released in 2015. It is the first American film to be fully funded by a Chinese company.


The production of the film was completed by two companies, one is the Chinese business giant-The Wanda Group, with a capital of 25 million US dollars, and the other is the US film production company-Weinstein Company, which produces and Invested the later $3,500 for marketing.

电影的制作由两家公司完成,一家是中国商业巨头万达集团,资本金为2500万美元,另一家是美国电影制作公司温斯坦公司,后者负责后者的投资。 $ 3,500用于市场营销。

   Wanda Group not only played the role of funder, it participated in almost the entire production process of the film. Weinstein’s President David Glasser said, “Wanda’s delegation has been on the set and has been involved in the entire process including shooting, post-production and marketing.” Glasser also said that Wanda Group actually wants to learn from Hollywood film production companies. How to make a movie. "

万达集团不仅扮演出资人的角色,而且几乎参与了电影的整个制作过程。温斯坦总统戴维·格拉瑟(David Glasser)说:“万达代表团一直在现场,并参与了整个过程,包括拍摄,后期制作和营销。”格拉瑟还说,万达集团实际上想向好莱坞电影制作公司学习。如何拍电影。 ”

   The production experience of "Tekken" looks like a rehearsal of Wanda Group's ambitions. It wants to prove that it is far beyond its ability to fund Hollywood movies. The cooperation between Chinese and American companies in the beginning of 2016 set the legendary box office of 3.5 million dollars in Hollywood history.

《铁拳》的生产经验似乎是对万达集团野心的排练。它想证明这远远超出了资助好莱坞电影的能力。 2016年初中美公司的合作在好莱坞历史上创造了350万美元的传奇票房。

   It seems straightforward to promote foreign films in China, and there will always be unforeseen complications, and "Maleficent" produced by Disney is no exception.


During the publicity of Maleficent in Shanghai, the media interviewed the lead actor Angelina Jolie and asked her who her favorite Chinese director is. Julie replied that she liked Ang Lee’s work, and He added that since Ang Lee was born in Taiwan, he is not sure if he is Chinese. Julie's words caused an uproar among the people of China.com. Netizens accused her of suggesting that Taiwan and China are two independent countries. There are even some extreme comments calling her "an avid supporter of Taiwan independence."

在上海《 Maleficent》宣传期间,媒体采访了男主角安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie),问她最喜欢的中国导演是谁。朱莉(Julie)回答说,她喜欢李安(Ang Lee)的作品,并补充说,由于李安(Ang Lee)在台湾出生,他不确定自己是否是中国人。朱莉的话引起了China.com民众的轩然大波。网友指责她暗示台湾和中国是两个独立的国家。甚至有一些极端的评论称她为“台湾独立的坚定支持者”。

   Disney was worried that this incident would have an adverse effect on the film’s box office in China, so it planned a special public relations event for Julie, her famous husband and children to share birthday cakes with the people in Shanghai. Julie Pitt (Pitt) even taught snack-making courses on-site, and this additional publicity helped "Maleficent" achieve a good box office score of 22 million US dollars.

迪士尼担心此事件会对电影在中国的票房产生不利影响,因此迪士尼计划为朱莉,她的著名丈夫和孩子们举办一次特别的公共关系活动,与上海人分享生日蛋糕。朱莉·皮特(Pitt)甚至在现场教了小吃制作课程,这一额外的宣传帮助“ Maleficent”取得了2200万美元的高票房。

   "21 Years Old Party" landed in major movie theaters in 2013. The film tells th亚博游戏app下载苹果版e comedy story of three good friends who happened on campus. After they were drunk, they lived a night of drunk and gold fans. The hedonistic activities of young people are not regarded as normal relaxation behaviors in China, and in fact, if the sensitive information in the film is not reprocessed, it will not have the chance to be released in China.

“ 21岁派对”于2013年登陆各大电影院。影片讲述了三个好朋友在校园发生的喜剧故事。喝醉后,他们住了一晚喝醉的金迷。在中国,年轻人的享乐活动并不被认为是正常的放松行为,实际上,如果不对胶片中的敏感信息进行重新处理,它就没有机会在中国发行。

   There is a Chinese character "chapter" in the American version of "21 Years Old Party". He advocates individuality and resists the pressure of family expectations. However, the Chinese version added such a scene. Zhang left his university in China and became degenerate due to the influence of Western thoughts. It was not until he finally returned to China that he changed his mistakes and returned to his true nature. Needless to say, these two versions spread completely opposed ideas.

美国版的“ 21岁派对”中有一个汉字“章节”。他提倡个性,抵抗家庭期望的压力。但是,中文版增加了这样的场景。张离开他的中国大学,由于西方思想的影响而堕落。直到他终于回到中国,他才改变了自己的错误,回到了他的本性。不用说,这两个版本传播了完全相反的想法。

  As an official co-production film, "Desperate Rebirth" was completed by China National Radio CCTV and Jiaflix of the United States. Jiaflix specializes in the cooperation between Hollywood production companies and Chinese investment companies.

作为官方合作制作的电影,《绝望的重生》由中国中央电视台和美国的贾夫利克斯共同完成。 Jiaflix专门从事好莱坞制片公司与中国投资公司之间的合作。

   Since CCTV is part of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, "Desperate Rebirth" to some extent represents the values ​​of the Chinese government. The scenes in this sci-fi epic show that the Chinese government is harsh, but benevolent, while the US government officials seem indecisive and corrupt. In one scene, a US official pointed a gun at a hero's daughter in order to obtain information.


   Like all films directed by Michael Bay, the plot of "Desperate Rebirth" is full of explosive scenes and ad placement. For example, there is such an unthinkable scene in the movie. The character played by Jack Reynor is drinking Red Bull in Texas. There are countless other outdated Chinese products in the movie.

像迈克尔·贝(Michael Bay)导演的所有电影一样,“绝望重生”的情节充满了爆炸性的场景和广告位置。例如,电影中有如此难以想象的场景。杰克·雷诺(Jack Reynor)扮演的角色正在德克萨斯州喝红牛。电影中还有许多其他过时的中国产品。

   These implanted advertisements are also in a variety of situations due to distribution problems. For example, the Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourism Company, which manages China's popular attractions, filed a lawsuit against the production company of "Desperate Rebirth" because there are no signs of tourist attractions in the movie. But in the end "Desperate Rebirth" became one of the highest-grossing movies in Chinese film history, and the headaches of legal disputes were nothing.