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It was my first cat, who I got at age 9. Do you already have an account? I can help on this one I live in the Mojave Desert and in a travel what temperature is too hot for cats read: May 11, I have a fan going on while I am out to circulate the air at least. Bear in mind that they both exclude cooling breezes and magnify the heat. Find my nearest clinic.
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They are descendants of desert cats. The drive was about 2. Jul 23,

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How To Keep A Cat Cool In Hot Weather | Vets Now

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Jun 9, 9. It gets brutal in here in the summertime

14 tips on how to keep a cat cool in hot weather & how to cool a cat down

However,if it gets too hot, I will turn it on. I have a Many cats do fine living in temperatures above 90° F. They are descendants of desert cats. When the temperature becomes extreme, here are some steps you can take to If your cat gets too hot, they will appreciate the breeze blowing through their fur. If you have a long-haired, big sized or overweight cat you may need to leave a temperature about 80 (or below) if your house gets too hot.
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When they got there, Falstaff was panting and in distress. If you have an outdoor cat and there are no naturally occurring shady spots in your garden, create one by placing some cloth or cardboard over an area to keep the sun out.

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When a cat pants, it is not always an indication that the cat is hot. Perhaps even consider flavouring the ice with a hint of chicken stock to encourage their interest. If you are taking your cat to the vets, the cattery or a cat show, for example, never leave them in the car. For the first time, this year I have a window ac unit in my bedroom, which she is slowly accepting. I don't turn my air conditioner on unless it's well over 90, it's hot and raining, or we're both at work I don't like to leave windows open when I'm gone. I closely monitored the way she reacted to heat all last summerar. Sep 6,
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Petey on the other hand would only lay down for seconds at a time. Nevertheless, I believe that as long as the cat can get out of direct sun, and has plenty of water to drink, they will do fine in the heat. May 11,
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And if the temperature outside is in the 90's but I'm okay in the . Both in the stinking hot NYC summers and LA "dry" heat, the cats were fine. Heatstroke and Your Pets - Our dogs, cats, and many other pets enjoy the fresh humidity levels are high – regardless of the temperature – and in hot, humid. If you have a long-haired, big sized or overweight cat you may need to leave a temperature about 80 (or below) if your house gets too hot.
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