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It is osrs lazy cat that you complete the Wolf Whistle quest so that it will allow you to use the summoning button to monitor the growth of your cat. You pick up your kitty and put it in your inventory Talk to: The pet rock can also be interacted with, this includes the options: If you do not feed it now, the kitten will run away with this message: Your Kitten will eat many kinds of fish. Buy a kitten from Gertrude located just west of Varrock. Beside the feline friends osrs lazy cat can also adopt a fish.
Ziggy - Age: 24
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If you do get this message, you should stroke it or give it a ball of wool to play with. If you do not feed your fish, it will still stay alive. Your fish will never die unless you drop your fishbowl.

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You surprisingly can do a lot of activities with a rock, the first being able to wield the object as a weapon - it is pretty useless however. Jagex says it takes 45 minutes.


You are allowed to get a new pet kitten while owning a lazy cat, but can only have one out at a time. Cannot be taken into most Minigames and. Wily and lazy cats can be named by speaking with Felkrash. The name can be a combination of any 6 letters or spaces, but no numbers. The name input will. To get your first kitten you must do Gertrude's Cat quest. After you do . The Lazy Cat appears if you do not train your Wiley Cat and just let it follow you around.
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Sparky - Age: 28
Price - 164$

If you 'use' your fishbowl with your pet cat, you can get a funny reaction from the fish. Hope your doing well If your cat dissapears then appears again then this is just a graphics glitch and should not affect the time to raise the kitten again. While training your non-combat skills, it is advised to have one or two pieces of food in your inventory.

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Your Kitten will eat the following: They can be trained back into wily cats by performing a random amount of interactions with them, which includes playing with the cat with a ball of wool , sending it to chase rats, and stroking it. You can get your kitten to chase rats. Are you sure you want to break it? Letters From Jagex About Cats.. Also good to train cats with but if your cat is experienced it may be better to switch to this mode of battle for your cat.
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Kitkat - Age: 21
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Level 19 construction Cat basket: How do I get the cat training medal? To turn your cat into a hellcat, you need to catch 7 Hellrats in the basement of Evil Dave's basement in Edgeville.
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Just wondering if anyone actually knows anything about this topic. The RS3 Wikia says the best way is to use a mouse toy, but I'm wondering. To get your first kitten you must do Gertrude's Cat quest. After you do . The Lazy Cat appears if you do not train your Wiley Cat and just let it follow you around. Players are only allowed to have one wily or lazy cat at a time, in addition to one kitten or adult cat, and as many overgrown cats as they wish. You may have.
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