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How old is your cat and how long have you had her? When Oscar started peeing on plastic bags right at my feet I cat pees on me knew something was wrong and sure nuf he had UTI. He's trying to tell you he is sick- probably UTI. Glad he's where he needs to be though I'm sure you are missing him. She is spayed, yes. I don't claim to be cat whisperer, but having 'foreign guests' can totally trigger behavior like that.
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We have 4 cats, all get along well, all have their own litter pans, etc.

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My cat peed on me! What does it mean?? : Pets

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She is about 6 and a half.

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No matter how much you adore your sweet kitty, dealing with a messy house soiling problem is never the easiest thing. If your cat is going No. 1 everywhere but. Has anyone experienced their cat peeing in the sink? I've heard of toilet training but this is something else. She follows me into the bathroom all. Feline inappropriate urination (urinating in the wrong place) is a common issue for cat owners. It often involves the cat urinating outside their.
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She has NEVER peed in the house we adopted her from RSPCA, already trained to pee outside , We have one dog at the moment they dont get along, but they can stand each other just fine and yes, she is desexed. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Definitely go to the vet.

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We will know more tomorrow, meanwhile, they are starting antibiotics, sub-q fluids to encourage urination. Is he getting enough attention from you? It only happened the one time - but the message was delivered and processed When Oscar started peeing on plastic bags right at my feet I immediately knew something was wrong and sure nuf he had UTI. She's about 6 and a half.
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After completely changing the bed linens and taking a hot shower, I went back to bed with the door shut for good measure and finally went to sleep. You need to investigate.
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Schedule an appointment with your vet. Your cat isn't urinating outside of its litter box simply because it wants to. There's a good reason why your cat is doing. My cat, Boo Boo, actually urinated on me, or tried to. I noticed he's been urinating on the bathroom rugs, so, we just took them up. Ok, then, a. The most common reason a cat is peeing in the house, and the first thing . So my god mom gave me her male cat who is fix but he spray all.
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