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Add the latest rapid fire technology to your battle buddy and start dominating the competition! Controller Chaos has your back. Authentic Sony Quality Our professional technicians start with an original Sony controller, fresh out of the i am wild cat. What if there is a patch released to block rapid fire? The chip inside the controller simulates the triggers being pulled automatically at the highest rate the gun allows.
Shadow - Age: 19
Price - 168$

Add the latest rapid fire technology to your battle buddy and start dominating the competition! There is no way to completely block or patch rapid fire.

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I AM WILDCAT - Playstation 4 - Custom Controllers - Controller Chaos

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You can even go a step further with custom splatter effects, personalized names, and custom Chaos Tag graphics!


The latest Tweets from Tyler (@I_AM_WILDCAT). I play video games okayly. I AM WILDCAT Merchandise! donttellthejoneses.com Twitch Channel. Official online store for I Am Wildcat - featuring apparel, accessories, & more. Prism Script Tee $ Prism Logo Tee $ Wildcat Raglan (Baseball Tee) $ Stripes Logo Premium Tee (Black) $ Logo Tee (Heather Blue).
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Monkey - Age: 32
Price - 125$

Our controllers are compatible with any first person shooters that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons.

Select Your Parts and Colors:

Proud of what you've made? What is rapid fire exactly? The Slap Train Our Price: Rapid Fire Mods Why stop with an awesome looking controller? Be sure to click the camera icon and share your controller with your friends! Still need some help with your mods? Express yourself with a truly one-of-a-kind custom controller from Controller Chaos!
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Callie - Age: 28
Price - 170$

Controller Chaos has your back.
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The I AM WILDCAT edition features premium pearl and metallic paints and hydrographics to create a truly unique design. You can take it one step further by . Iamwildcat or wildcat is a gaming Youtuber who usually plays games such as Gmod, Golf, or Mario kart with his friends is known for raging sarcastic remarks and. Tyler - I AM WILDCAT For Business Inquiries Contact: [email protected] About Me: My name is Tyler and I make my videos for fun and to get a couple.
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