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Larger litters are seen more frequently in Oriental, Siamese and Burmese breeds. Foetal causes of obstructive dystocia may result from malpresentation, severe foetal malformation eg, hydrocephalus, Siamese-twinsfoetal oversize or foetal death. Many serious inherited abnormalities are not obvious at birth and abnormalities of eyes, hearing and heart fall into this category. She will accept food and drink and is in every way completely normal except that it is obvious from her size and shape, how many kittens does a cat usually have the presence of movement, that there are still kittens waiting to be born. Antibiotics should ideally be chosen according to culture and sensitivity. After the relaxation of the first stage, the uterine contractions become stronger and more frequent and drive the first kitten, contained within its membranes, towards and into the pelvic opening.
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The kitten must then be eased gently out, alternating the direction of traction, first freeing one side then the other, and always directing the pull slightly downwards. A late manifestation of inhibitory hysterical behaviour may cause delay when the kitten is already through the maternal pelvis and protruding through the vulva.

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Cat birth – when to wait and when to worry | International Cat Care

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This may cause some pain, so at this point the cat appears to give up trying and waits for, or demands, help. If, however, the first kitten comes tail-first there may well be delay owing to the absence of the wedge-shaped head pushing behind the fluid-filled membranes.

Cat birth – when to wait and when to worry

An unspayed cat is susceptible to multiple pregnancies in one year. But what if she becomes pregnant again before you get the chance to spay her? At this point, she can mate with several suitors resulting in a litter that yields kittens The litters and babies of geriatric queens tend to be much smaller. While cats usually have an average of four kittens in each litter, this can range from one to 12 kittens. Larger litters are seen more frequently in pedigree breeds . While many authors believe that problems in parturition (birth) are rare in the cat, . While cats usually have an average of four kittens in each litter, this can.
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This is essentially the stage of relaxation of the cervix and vagina and the start of intermittent contraction of the uterus.

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If your cat is unwell, please seek veterinary attention. Malposition usually occurs when a kitten has died in utero prior to rotation. Any affected cat should only be allowed to rear a small number of kittens at any subsequent litter. The normal mother cat will generally make a much better job of cleaning and drying her kittens than any human, so do not interfere unless necessary. Malposture is of most importance in relation to the position of the head. Observation of the cat's own methods show the order in which to imitate them to the best advantage.
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They should have at their fingertips a history of any previous births by the cat in question and, if possible, information relating to earlier generations and related animals. A later subcutaneous injection may be required to maintain the recovery.
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Outdoor kitties or those around mature, intact felines tend to mature more quickly than those that aren't. A sexually mature kitten can have kittens herself, as early. “Siamese-type cat breeds often have larger litters, Persian-type cat breeds We did not get Fluffy X-rayed to find out how many kittens she was. Except that she was obviously still very much pregnant! The entire birthing process will usually be complete between 1 to 12 hours, sometimes up to 24 hours. Cats can have anywhere between kittens with an average of 4 in a litter.
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