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Ragdoll with limited out-crossing to HimalayanPersianother long-haired cat named potato. I make fun of her almost daily cat named potato of it. One day recently, a nice lady saw me that was camping there and she promised her dying kitty that she had with her that she cats wearing clothes try to help me. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I value my constant access to a meal, but I tend to wait for the nice lady to come back to eat, just in case I am left again.
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However, in my head I started referring to her as Tiny Cat.

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Gravy ruins everything imo. Your email has been sent! Some cats just need long names.


Stumpy Cat. Potato!! She is a 4 year old blind dwarf munchkin adopted from @ mspcaboston Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, cat and indoor. Image may . A cat named Potato Potatoes, Cat Names, Cool Cats, Funny Cats, Funny. Visit Cat's Nation is the Source of Funny Cats, Amazing Cats and Trending Cats. This little cat is named Giselle, but she's called Potato, and she goes by realstumpycat on Instagram. She is blind and has multiple deformities.
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Updated November, Adopt Gothic. From what I can tell some of it is the buyer's selfishness and pride.

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When I was 4 I named our dog Cake, cause he was brown and chocolate cake is also brown. Other Ways to Help. When she wants love she's a sweet potato. She is litter box trained, and up to date on vaccinations. The drive to neuter household pets has helped create this sort of travesty. European Shorthair and Siamese.
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Ziggy is a handsome, 6 month old neutered, male tabby Domestic Shorthair cat. She loves to play with all toys but especially a string and a toilet paper roll.
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The wonderful cats and dogs listed below are being rehomed by members of . He is a couch potato that would love to have a nice warm home to spend the Minerva, is named after Minerva McGonaggal, the famed professor at Hogwarts. Potato a.k.a. “Stumpy Cat” may be small in stature but she sure is larger than life! Her journey so far has been a difficult one. She was born with. Awww! My cat's name is also Potato! (Well, more . If his name is Potato, what's the cat's name? I had a "friend" with a cat named Potatoes.
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