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Aimee Simmons 1 year ago no Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: Because it's about the size of cat body armor ocelot, and weighs 30 freakin' pounds. On the upshot, crazy cat people who buy a set of cat battle armor just to dress their pet up for Halloween or the Renaissance Fair or the giant cat tree spanning their front bay window can rest assured this fully articulated suit is soft and comfortable to wear. He's scheduled to joust one of the guinea pigs from G-Force at high noon cat body armor only just finished his battle armor fitting. Cat armor is made to order and will adjust to fit most non-obese cats.
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No, wait, I mean Boyd

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This Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor for Cats and Dogs | Bored Panda

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Cat Battle Armor

The cats of war: Now your feline can have its own BODY ARMOR Terrifying: A cat models the Cat Battle Armour, which promises to make you. Savagepunk Studio, makers of “unique and finely crafted cosplay, leathercraft, and accessories” has been offering these amazing cat body armor products over . Get Mr. Fluffums ready for combat by suiting him up in this cat battle armor. This custom 3D Printed Cat Armor · 3D Printed Cat .. Invincible Shield Body Armor.
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Quinn - Age: 23
Price - 114$

Alan Burnstine 1 year ago As well they should.

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Its torso section features riveted plates and dorsal spines, and hindquarters a series of overlapped scales stitched to leather backing and accented with nickel dome rivets. I named him Ruffles because he and I both were somewhat effeminate. Download Bored Panda app! Segue into the spectacle with a looksee at Spanish designer Boyd Baten's cyber armor. Login Don't have an account? About the author Elizabeth.
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Cat Camp calls themselves "the world's first specialized tent
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A Japanese company called Samurai Age just created something the world desperately needed - samurai armor for cats and dogs. Pets are already like loyal . Discover ideas about Cute Cats. Prepare your guinea pig for battle with this hand made suit of armor. The guinea pig scale mail armor and helmet will protect. The cats of war: Now your feline can have its own BODY ARMOR Terrifying: A cat models the Cat Battle Armour, which promises to make you.
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