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We will begin manufacturing as soon as we reach our funding goal. We understand the realities of producing an innovative and necessary household product. We've made the litter box larger than where to buy luuup litter box original version, to accommodate bigger cats. Notify me of new comments via email. Many backers complained about urine clumps sticking to the side of the sifting trays, forcing them to use a scoop to get the clumps out, about having trouble removing stuck clumps from between the slots, having where to buy luuup litter box regularly wipe down the trays, and between cat messes and cleaning the box, getting litter all over the floor. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Funding period Jan 14, - Mar 14, 60 days.
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Reward no longer available 1, backers. Questions about this project? Given the volumes we are able to produce, we would have had a sizeable shipment out the door before the end of May.

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Luuup Litter Box - The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made by Luuup Inc. — Kickstarter

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Luuup Litter Box - 3 Sifting Tray Cat Litter Box is Antimicrobial and Easy to Clean See All Buying Options. Luuup is a litter box that uses three smartly-designed sifting trays instead of a The result, they claim, is the smartest, cleanest litter box you'll ever buy. Can that . Want to know if you should buy the nifty 3 part litter box from Luuup? Find out in our review right here whether it's worth the money.
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I could have signed off today. With Luuup, we wanted something that was actually pleasing to look at; a litter box design that we are happy to have in our home. What if you only had to buy one litter box?

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Check out the FAQ. Our system is uses three identical sifting trays. Get 3 Luuup Litter Boxes before everyone else. Funding period Jan 14, - Mar 14, 60 days. It was our mission to change all that with Luuup. You are commenting using your Facebook account.
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Reward no longer available 73 backers.
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The Luuup Litter Box is an easy to use three sifting tray system that makes wasn't lifted correctly, and we had to purchase mats to help contain the tracked litter. The Luuup litter box is only available online. You can purchase it directly through the Luuup. Want to know if you should buy the nifty 3 part litter box from Luuup? Find out in our review right here whether it's worth the money.
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