Feral cat traps

Models we recommend include:. This tricks the cats into thinking both ends of the trap door are open. The cats will spend the night in the traps in the area you have prepared for them to recover and be released the next day in the same area where they were trapped. Three sheets of the daily paper folded in thirds make a perfect trap liner. Prepare the vehicle you will use to transport the feral cat traps in the same way, with a tarp feral cat traps newspaper.
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There is a small hook attached to one side of the trap top. A string can be tied to the prop stick for dropping the trap or a remote control trigger can be purchased separately.

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Humane Trapping – Tips for Hard to Catch Cats | Feral Cat Focus

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To set the traps, open the trap door by pushing the top of the door in and pulling the bottom of the door upward. Cat Stories and People's Perspectives. Help a Cat Find Home.

Trapping Instructions

You may be able to borrow some traps in your area, from a local Feral Friend or animal shelter. Always determine an animal shelter's policy toward feral cats. Feral Friends Network When you're conducting Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), some cats may be particularly hard to trap. Feed trap-shy cats out of unset traps in their normal feeding locations for a week or two before trapping again. Start with. Our Feral Cat Series Traps are specifically designed for Feral Cats We worked closely with Neighborhood Cats and Fix Nation cat organizations to help us tailor .
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If you suspect a neighbor may be feeding the cats then go speak with the neighbor and ask them to remove the food while you are trying to trap. Place the traps in the area where you normally feed the cats.


To be suitable for holding cats for up to a week, we recommend traps have a length of between 30 to 36 inches and a width of at least 10 inches. Be sure the cats do not have access to the food from outside of the traps. Having the right traps and equipment makes the work of TNR faster and safer. Tru-Catch , another well-known manufacturer, also makes feral cat equipment highly regarded by many experienced trappers and TNR groups. A trapped animal is vulnerable and could get injured inside the trap or a passerby could release the cat, steal the trap, or both.
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To latch a trap door securely, place the hasp oblong metal piece which is on the bottom of the trap door opening over the piece of metal the latch goes through.
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This Havahart humane cat trap is specifically designed to make catching feral cats easy. It's built with a large trip plate to ensure contact with the animal, and its . You may be able to borrow some traps in your area, from a local Feral Friend or animal shelter. Always determine an animal shelter's policy toward feral cats. An estimated 60 million feral cats—cats who have never had contact with humans and who are the offspring of abandoned, unaltered tame cats—are roaming.
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