Distended stomach in cats

Medication Used Antibiotics injection. We might also see other symptoms such as:. We've also noticed a small scab that appears to be painful on top of her head. Bloating that develops as a result of intestinal parasites can be treated with the right deworming medication. He is an indoor cat, does not go outside. Has Symptoms fermy distended stomach in cats belly, blood at vulva.
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What is the problem, the disease? The first day we brought him home, he would not eat the dry food or treats we had for him. Has Symptoms Abdominal Distension.

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Why is My Cat's Belly Swollen and Hard? - Main Causes

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My cat has a bloated stomach but he appears okay otherwise. We love him so much and are finding ourselves to be very nervous and hovering over him.

Bloating in Cats

Abdominal distention in cats can be due to excess fluids such as blood, water, urine or pus that have leaked from organs in the body. The abdomen can also. Learn more about ascites in cats, its causes and treatment, here. the chest from abdominal swelling, or from a related buildup of fluid in the space between the. Interruptions in the working of the stomach of a cat can be brought on by several This leads to bloating and build-up of gas in the stomach, which can be an.
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She seems to be getting better behavior wide, but I'm not sure if she is physically.

My kitten has a swollen belly

My cat is becoming fat. She still has a bloated belly so I am concerned about that still. My cat have a bloating belly for 2 weeks I took it to veterinary last Saturday they did ex-rays and blood test for fip It was negative and other test. Not exacly a wgeeze but similar in sound without the eeeze part. But her stomach is still bloated and she's not able to poop.
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If too much fluid is present for clear X-rays, an ultrasound may be performed instead.
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When a cat's bloated stomach is the result of overeating, intestinal worms or parasites, the cat should recover well and resume living a normal, happy life. Abdominal distention in cats can be due to excess fluids such as blood, water, urine or pus that have leaked from organs in the body. The abdomen can also. Here is a list of reasons why your cat may have a swollen stomach. There are many causes and reasons for Ascitis. Remember that only a vet.
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