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Litter tracking can be a big problem. Or, you might invest in a classy mahogany cabinet with a secret. Photos Cat litter hider of MoCrafty. Buy yours on Amazon. Nothing can demonstrate your love and affection for your kitty quite like this scratcher, which comes equipped with a hidden litter box.
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We applaud you, and your cat would, too, if she knew how to clap.

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8 Handsome Ways To Hide Your Cat's Litter Box | HuffPost Life

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Maybe you'd like to keep all business in the bathroom. Find it on Amazon.

14 Ways To Create a Hidden Litter Box – Cool!

Stylish DIY Litter Box Hider: Ikea Besta cabinet (hack) with clever cat box. Fake plant topper to hidden litter box More Plant Litter Box, Kitty Litter Boxes. Description. Our Litter Box Hider is sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty! This designer kitty box is built with high quality materials from top to bottom. They're unsightly. They're smelly. They're a general nuisance, but if you have a cat, you must a have litter box. Each cat owner goes through.
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You can construct your very own hidden litter box repository with a little patience and elbow grease. Not only do you have to have enough of them, but you also need to figure out where to put them — a situation made more difficult if living with a dog or without much room to spare in your home!

2. Living Room Litter Box No. 1

Fortunately, there are some clever ways to camouflage your pet's unsightly poop receptacle while keeping it accessible for using and cleaning. Or exit, as the case may be! News Politics Entertainment Communities. But as a proud homeowner, you may not care for your guests to recognize your pet's natural behavior the instant they walk through your door and spot kitty's litter box. According to the product page, the DIY installation takes less than an hour, and the interior pet hole gives your kitty some privacy. Check it out here. Hide the litter box inside of a bench.
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See how I did it here. This future-esque looking vessel is not a trash can, but a new age litter box for kitty.
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Cats are great, and one of the greatest things about them is that they poop indoors. They practically toilet train themselves! But also, one of the. Cats are lovable, but their litter boxes? Not so much. Keep that essential around without disrupting your ensemble with this classic cabinet, offering an interior. Stylish DIY Litter Box Hider: Ikea Besta cabinet (hack) with clever cat box. Fake plant topper to hidden litter box More Plant Litter Box, Kitty Litter Boxes.
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