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As blind cats rely on scent and memory to find their way around, you should avoid moving furniture, food and litter trays. Boxes full of Love for the kitties!! Back inour carer Jo rescued a greyhound who had spent 6 months in the Animal Welfare Blind cats for adoption shelter waiting for the right person to adopt him. Leaving the toilet blind cats for adoption up might be a bad idea in case they fall in accidentally. I miss you all, love PopPop.
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Merry Christmas - Love Lynn. Millie picured is a case in point. Merry Christmas to all my furbabies waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

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Nobody Wanted These 3 Blind Cats, Until This Woman Decided To Adopt Them

Blind (including visually impaired) cats in need of rescue/adoption. likes · 4 talking about this. A place to post blind cats/cats with impaired. Lessons from adopting a blind kitten: Be brave and have fun though, that sets Hail apart from other kittens: She is blind, due to a neurological. Search for cats for adoption at shelters. Find and adopt a pet on Petfinder today.
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February It is with very great sadness that we must announce that Harold went to rainbow bridge just six weeks shy of a year in care. This involves placing a small microchip under their skin which can be read at a veterinary clinic.

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You can read more about it and change your preferences here. Home Feature pages Blind cats have big hearts Blind cats have big hearts Blind cats and those with failing eyesight can be some of the most living and big-hearted pets. Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: In , we built our first building as a safe place for blind cats who were deemed not adoptable by regular shelters and who were going to be euthanized just because they were blind. I want to tell you my story.
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Blind cats are amazing. When we asked adopter Michael to write a story about blind Amelia for our website, we weren't expecting to receive this. In memory of my Maurice.
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Blind Cat Rescue is a life time care sanctuary for Blind, FIV+ and FELV+ located in St Pauls, NC USA. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary began in in a mission to provide refuge to blind cats who were determined unfit for adoption and had once. When adopting a blind cat there are some specific care needs you have to meet. These will involve ensuring their other sense are well used.
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