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However, they were now fully grown and could hunt together and had become big cat diary. Retrieved from " https: Family Histories, Duma and Toto's Story, Scott told big cat diary story of Duma in more detail, revealing the moment she left her mother to become independent. Safi was born in January As adults, they have since joined forces with another young lion from the Ridge pride and have taken over a nearby pride.
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The "Jackson Five" is intriguing because three generations of these normally solitary cats are living together.

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BBC One - Big Cat Diary

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Itchy was filmed in the 1st series of Planet Earth , and it is believed that another daughter of hers, named Serena, is mother of Malaika, the cheetah. In one of Big Cat Diary' s few episodes filmed at night, Kidogo and cubs are watched as they come dangerously close to hunting lions. The following table illustrates the TV air dates and DVD release dates if applicable of each of the seasons.

Pride of lions made famous by BBC 'Big Cat Diary' poisoned in Kenya

Episode 5. The Big Cat saga continues. Tamu the lioness has once again lost one of her cubs. Episode 4. The Big Cat saga continues. Simon King follows Tamu. Eight lions from a pride that featured in the BBC's Big Cat Diary have been poisoned in the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The lions from the Marsh. "Big Cat Diary" fans, your suffering is over. Animal Planet has ordered a follow-up to the series tentatively titled "Big Cat Legacy".
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They faced a terrible encounter with some of the lions of Marsh pride including Romeo, the pride male. Snap M-1 was named as "Mjuzi" which means "the last survivor" in Swahili.

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Honey returned in the , 4th series. Amber was first seen in the 2nd series of the show in September as mother to three cubs of 16 months old. Earth's Secret Paradise New Zealand: Keeping Toto alive seemed to be a constant battle for his mother: Fundi hunted regularly in thick acacia trees to keep her two adolescent cubs well-fed, unusual for cheetahs who usually hunt on open plains.
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The rationale for this is that although she endangered herself by this decision, her cubs would be spared by Notch, the pride male who fathered the cubs. Life at the Extreme Dynasties.
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Episode 5. The Big Cat saga continues. Tamu the lioness has once again lost one of her cubs. Episode 4. The Big Cat saga continues. Simon King follows Tamu. Big Cat Diary, also known as Big Cat Week or Big Cat Live according to the format of the show, was a long-running nature documentary series on BBC television. Buy Big Cat Diary Series 1: Read Movies & TV Reviews -
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