Pine pellet cat litter

What is the amount of phenols in your product? I was really hoping it would work out, but my cats objected. Bought this because I wanted to see if we could switch our cat to different pellets. All of our wood products are heat treated or kiln dried which reduces the level of aromatic hydrocarbons significantly. We Tried Horse Bedding as Litter. I have always hated pine pellet cat litter my cats' litter boxes because of the smell and clay. Do think this will be good for them to use?
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Price - 81$

I use a sifting litter box system with a cheap pan under it. However, I do think it works better if you have a sifting litter pan. At about 4 lbs per box, it should fill approximately 5 boxes.

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Pine pellet cat litter review

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The price is great and the product is amazing!

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Review: We Tried Horse Bedding as Litter SIMPLY PINE CAT LITTER Simply Pine Natural Cat Litter, 20 lb AMERICAN WOOD FIBERS BEDDING PELLETS PinePellet Bedding, 40 lb. This item:Feline Pine Cat Litter $ Feline Pine Original Cat Litter 20lb . 40 POUND BAGS OF PINE PELLETS FOR $21 at my local ranch supply store. On a recommendation from another reviewer, I bought some pine pellets through Amazon, At any one time, I had lbs of clumping cat litter deployed.
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Price - 75$

This natural, non-clumping litter is clay-free, which means it leaves no irritating dust in the air when you pour. Also, unlike silica litter, pine litter does not absorb moisture while remaining in solid granules. Easy to scoup out.

Not all cats like pine litter

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter, as cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii—a parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis. This has the best natural scent just like a pine tree! The downside to regular sifting is that they don't really bury their poops, and there is little sawdust at the bottom to cover This stuff is amazing! Transition Instructions Pour 1 inch of Feline Pine Litter into a clean litter box and add inches of your old litter brand on top of the Feline Pine Litter. I will be going back to OKO. Perfect for kitten training. When we had a regular litter box sometimes the pellets would sneak out of the box and stepping on them is horrible, but there is hardly any dust and now that we switched out out typical litter box for cut out on the top storage containers we no longer step on any pellets.
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Raven - Age: 34
Price - 96$

For reference, I have two 1. For example, you have to mix your old litter and new so that your cat will get used to it.
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If you are searching for cat litter that is affordable, truly absorbs odor, doesn't Bought this because I wanted to see if we could switch our cat to different pellets. Just because something isn't labeled “cat litter” doesn't mean it isn't. We tried wood pellet horse bedding as a pine litter alternative - read our review. Simply Pine™Pellet Pine Cat Litter is % natural pine, with no chemicals or other additives, that has been formed into small pellets.
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