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Despite some claims, leg-hold traps are not designed to 'break bones' upon impact. The petition requires the signature not printed name and proper address of the signee. The "toothed" leg-hold trap: These models include the "padded", "offset" and "laminated". Post our anti-trapping video, Crying Shameon your Leg hold trap page. What you can do:
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Laminated The laminated trap is a regular steel jawed leg-hold trap with extra steel added to the jaws to make them wider thicker. This trap has extra steel added to the jaws to make them wider thicker.

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Types of traps | The Fur-Bearers

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Any other uninjured non-target animal must be taken to an animal shelter or other appropriate animal care facility.

Leg-hold traps explained (Yes, they are STILL LEGAL!)

Steel-jaw traps are so vile that they've been banned in 88 countries—but not in vise cuts into their flesh—often down to the bone—mutilating the leg or paw. This Trap Was Banned For 30 Years, But It's Legal Again "There's no way you can modify a leghold trap in a way that won't cause extreme. The chart below contains information on laws regulating or banning the use of leg-hold traps in jurisdictions. Where it was available, information on when.
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There are several types of leg-hold traps.


Urge BC to be a leader in the humane treatment of Canada's wildlife. Never buy fur or fur trim. We also have a new online petition. There are 3 main traps used in Canada today: Please be aware that this petition is for residents of British Columbia only.
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What is a leghold trap and for which species can they be used? Once triggered, the trap immobilizes the animal, preventing them from eating, caring for their babies, staying hydrated, fending off predators, and sheltering themselves from the elements.
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Redneck Convent Duke Coon Trap – #/2 CS Model Coil Spring Leg . these traps are "inhumane" in ANY way, the severity of their "hold" can be set to. The leghold is referred to as a 'restraining trap'. It is used primarily on foxes, coyotes, raccoons, wolves, lynx and bobcats. These traps are placed where animals. This Trap Was Banned For 30 Years, But It's Legal Again "There's no way you can modify a leghold trap in a way that won't cause extreme.
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