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Thats just not healthy, not matter what kalel kitten twitter you follow. It's clearly not her boyfriend since he works as a clothing store clerk it's not a regular store, I get that, but I don't think he's making a shitton of cash either. What a fucking joke. Did you see her priority list in her apartment tour? Trisha paytas, gigi, etc.
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The lack of support is taking its toll. Someone mentioned that she could be on the aspergers spectrum. PNG Which is why you went on a rant to Anthony and tried to bring him down for exposing your manipulative ass?

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Kalel - Online Personalities - Pretty Ugly Little Liar

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And she would always do that baby voice for him in her kawaii phases even when she seemed so over it all. What I don't really like about this "new" Kalel is that the videos that are important like the acne one, is that she just take them down without thinking is helpful for others.

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The latest Tweets from ☼ Kalel Kitten ☼ (@KalelCow). || youtuber || vegan || dreamer || dalel ||. Los Angeles, CA. The latest Tweets from ☼ Kalel Kitten ☼ (@KalelKtten). visionary. she makes a fool of herself on youtube. passionate vegan. aspiring designer. cat goddess. The latest Tweets from Kalel Kitten (@QUITBEINGABlTCH). Just Kalel being dumb. Please don't take any of these tweets seriously. Not affiliated with Kalel.
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Like when her and Meal Ticket were first dating, she was a nerdy girl who loved everything he loved. She wants women to 'step in her shoes' NO, she is a liar, everyone believes Anthony because he's not a narcissistic compulsive liar like she is.

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We know she's not gonna stick with it. Then after meeting Marzia, she decided she wanted to be kawaii and interested in Japan like Marzia, and you know the rest. I thought they were friends Would you judge someone if they killed and ate your dog? I bet all my money she wanted out to be able to focus on 'a business' or something in a pathetic attempt to rake in that e-fame. Started by annkyouko , 22 May
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While I still follow her and watch all of her videos she seems to have lost the charm that originally attracted me to her channel. ALSO can we talk about how insulting to the trans community that video was and then she had thanksgiving with Nikita dragon?!?!
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I'm always surprised by how both arrogant and ignorant she is. Don't know why, she proves herself to be a bad person time and time again. k Followers, Following, 86 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kalel (@kalelkitten). The latest Tweets from Kalel Kitten (@kalelkittenxx). Kalel is forever queen ❤ || fan page!.
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