Egyptian cat god

The cat in ancient Egypt, illustrated from the collection of cat and other Egyptian figures formed. Diminishing her status, they began referring to the deity with the added suffix, as Bastetand their use of the new name was well-documented thereby egyptian cat god very familiar to modern researchers. At the time, she was egyptian cat god with a lion Panthera leo head. Sphinx of King Sheshenq, ca. E-mail this to a friend. There are also a handful of other, more eccentric objects on display in the collection.
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This association would have come about much later than when the goddess was a protective lioness goddess, however, and is useful only in deciphering the origin of the term, alabaster.

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BBC News - Temple to cat god found in Egypt

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More than , mummified cats were discovered when Bastet's temple was excavated. Modern-day Alexandria was built directly on top of the ancient city, and archaeologists say ruins of whole cities, palaces and ships remain to be discovered.

Cats in ancient Egypt

Explore Victoria Mowrey's board "Bastet Egyptian cat god" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Egyptian cats, Egyptian art and Ancient egyptian art. During the ancient Egyptian era, cats were held in the highest esteem. Killing or injuring a cat came with serious consequences – it was an abomination. the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, Bastet , however, was also sometimes linked with the god of perfume.
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The goddess was sometimes depicted holding a ceremonial sistrum in one hand and an aegis in the other—the aegis usually resembling a collar or gorget embellished with a lioness head. Retrieved December 5,

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Cats in ancient Egypt Domestication of the Syrian hamster Domestication of the horse theories History of the domestic sheep Origin of the domestic dog. Bastet was a local deity whose religious sect was centered in the city of Bubastis, which lay in the Nile Delta near what is known as Zagazig today. Finial with Figure of the God Bes, ca. Journal of Archaeological Science. They worshipped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. By the Twenty-second Dynasty the transition had occurred in all regions. The path became strewn with mummy cloth and bits of cats' skulls and bones and fur in horrid positions, and the wind blew the fragments about and carried the stink afar.
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the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women's secrets, cats, Bastet , however, was also sometimes linked with the god of perfume. Long, long ago, the ancient Egyptian sun god Re grew angry with "Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt," an exhibition of Egyptian cat art. A temple to the cat goddess Bastet is uncovered in Alexandria, seat of the Egyptian Ptolemaic dynasty.
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