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They come in all shapes and sizes and a bunch of different colors and designs. My only issue is I have two cats and need two litters. Made with quality wood, this cat litter boxes furniture has a walnut finish. A smart and attractive way to keep the litter hidden away. Disguise your cat's litter tray with this enclosure that is constructed from wood No one will suspect this beautiful wood cabinet contains an unsightly, odorous cat litter tray. Fit with any size or shape litter pans extra-large, jumbo size, automated.
Tabitha - Age: 30
Price - 69$

Given the way the entrance is designed it sits a little lower than you might desire.

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Top 11 Pieces of Litter Box Furniture

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Check out my top 10 litter box recommendations here. This sleek black cat litter box is functional for the c

Top 11 Pieces of Litter Box Furniture 2018

We looked over dozens of cat litter box furniture to identify the best products that will suit any budget, bearing in mind the size, materials. Explore Irma Evans's board "Hidden cat litter box furniture" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hidden litter boxes, Litter box enclosure and Cat furniture. If you have a cat and you're sick of looking at an ugly litter box, consider our list of the top ten best cat litter box furniture pieces.
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Kitty - Age: 33
Price - 90$

Litter box not included. A few additional items worth noting for any potential purchasers:

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Easily clean the litter box through the wide door opening. The bench idea is so awesome, besides we just moved in and will need one. That serves to make the product even more of a gem compared to other versions. Given this be sure you check all of the dimensions of each of these boxes thoroughly before clicking the buy button. Stop wasting time cleaning up litter mess from around your cats litter pan or having to clean up tracked litter from all around your home, apartment or small studio. A few things worth noting for anyone interested in this beautiful piece of furniture:
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Hunter - Age: 25
Price - 93$

There are a couple you list that I like the look of and will look into a bit more and maybe purchase. A few other items worth noting on this model: Because cats have more agility and flexibility than dogs, my patented cabinet design keeps the kitty litter box out of reach of most mischievous dogs or inquisitive children.
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Buy products related to kitty litter box furniture products and see what. Why look at a dirty litter box when there are stylish options that conceal the box and coordinate with your furniture? Choose one for your cat now. Enter cat litter box furniture to the scene. Recently there have been several.
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