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New Yorkers can now foster the tiniest kittens at the ASPCA

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If you're interested in volunteering or, even more critically, fostering kittens even a tiny apartment is fine!

PHOTOS: Inside the ASPCA's Kitten Nursery, the cutest place in NYC

Staff and volunteers have saved over kittens since the ASPCA opened New York City's first-ever Kitten Nursery. We got a tour of their vital. Littermates are kept together and are named using the same first letter. 2/ Kittens arrive at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery's Intake Room to be. Staffers try to mimic mother cats as best they can, using a toothbrush on kittens' fur and bottle feeding them every two to three hours.
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Snowy - Age: 19
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Ruth says an increase in kitten foster caregivers and ASPCA Relocation team transports of kittens to other shelters have helped create vital room at the nursery to care for greater numbers of kittens. Recommended Slideshows 30 Pictures.

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Back in the neonate section, caregiver Kathryn Knocke encouraged Bandit, a six-day-old brown tabby, to keep eating. Volunteers and staff provide hour care. Then they're massaged dry with a warm towel. Meanwhile, medical staff made their rounds. To accommodate this seasonal influx of felines, the ASPCA opened a new facility in dedicated to the care and treatment of neonatal newborn kittens. Tiny Opal enjoys some kitten formula. Glam up your gift-giving this holiday season More from Lifestyle.
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More than 5, kittens have made their way through our nursery since it opened in , with an average of 1, coming in each season. The ACC also has a fostering program for both bottle babies and older kittens, with volunteers encouraged to sign up online to learn more. Given their fragile state, the best possible place for neonate kittens is with their mother who can provide for their needs.
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Staffers try to mimic mother cats as best they can, using a toothbrush on kittens' fur and bottle feeding them every two to three hours. The ASPCA Kitten Nursery offers critical care to thousands of vulnerable kittens every season, making many of the Nursery staff feel like. The A.S.P.C.A. opened the nursery in to fill a need: The city-run shelters don't have the facilities to care for kittens and end up euthanizing.
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