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Sunday and her siblings Friday, aka Jaws, and Saturday were found living in a feral colony. Just give him some love and he alley cats and angels be yours. She and her sister, Lychee, are often found sleeping together. My siblings Pogo and Frisbee were taken in by the kind-hearted people at Alley Cats and Angels after someone dropped us off at the shelter. Tahji is sensitive to his environment and would do best in a calmer house with no children under 10 so he can establish a routine.
Sophie - Age: 23
Price - 89$

He loves to be carried around.

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She loves to play with toys that she can see well and has never missed the litter pan.

Alley Cats & Angels of NC

Alley Cats and Angels is an all-volunteer , non-profit, (c)(3). Fill out my online form. Featured Cat. Jambalaya. Est. DOB: March 12, FAQs. General. Does Alley Cats and Angels have a shelter where I can visit all.
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Jazz - Age: 28
Price - 124$

Toffee is a tech savvy girl. I would probably do best in a quieter, more laid-back home. He especially likes string toys and laser pointers.

Dedicated to Pets in Need

I love belly rubs and just any kind of human interactions. Karmelkorn is wearing blue. With your help, we can continue to save sweet and loving cats like this that need extra help. May 1, Description: Mealtime is also very serious, especially when there is wet food- they love wet food!
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Sweetie - Age: 20
Price - 104$

She likes to go exploring and has been known to slip through the door to the garage or outside if she can, so her new family will need to be vigilant!
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Est. DOB: September 1, Description: DSH Brown Classic (Marble ) Tabby. Auburn Hills Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue Chesterfield Township Paws of Michigan Southeast Michigan Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Frankenmuth. FAQs. General. Does Alley Cats and Angels have a shelter where I can visit all.
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