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Every single option is great: The first rating is based on the product's ingredient list. Please note that the nutritional values used are only an approximation and may not represent crave cat food reviews fed" values due to variations in manufacturing and the laws that specify how these values are reported. We found eight all-star options — companies whose every formula met our requirements and passed our cuts across the board. We loved seeing them on ingredient lists.
Peaches - Age: 29
Price - 145$

Each cat food product is assigned a value from low to high paws.

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Every single option is great:

CRAVE™ Cat Food Reviews

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crave Indoor Grain Free Dry Cat Food with Protein From Chicken and Salmon. Give Your Feline The Power. We review and analyze the dry line of cat food from Crave. Find out if the data backs it up as a good food, or if it's bad for your cat. Our cat food review takes a close look at ingredients, flavor, quality, and more to help you find the best fit for your feline friends.
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Juno - Age: 26
Price - 149$

Each cat food product is assigned a value from low to high paws. Overall, with 9 varieties reviewed producing an average score of 7.

How We Chose the Best Cat Food

In the future, the FDA has promised more regulation. Decoding nutrition labels so you don't have to! NomNomNow included flavor mix-ins — a powder and broth — with our order that both cats really enjoyed. If you're concerned about proper feline nutrition, ingredient quality, allergies, nutrition profiles, weight loss or simply feeding your finicky cat, the CatFoodDB is the perfect research tool to help you find the best cat foods - the ones that meet your cat's individual needs. We included a summary of ingredients to look for and avoid so that you can decode anything new you might encounter. These recommendations are for humans — but the recommendations are based on animal studies. By contrast, nutritional extras like cat treats are tasty, but the feline equivalent of junk food.
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PABLO - Age: 28
Price - 140$

Click on any product below for our in-depth, fact-based, unbiased cat food review! Please refresh your browser and try again.
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Crave is a pet food brand by Mars Petcare known for making protein rich, grain- free, meat-first recipes, much like the diets of wolves and cats found in the wild. An unbiased review of Crave Adult Dry Cat Food With Protein From Chicken (dry cat food). Our cat food review takes a close look at ingredients, flavor, quality, and more to help you find the best fit for your feline friends.
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