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I am so upset that a blue mountain kitten food who touts natural food and "treating your pet like family," has not addressed these issues! The vet really did not like Blue foods, said that Blue spends a lot on marketing and not on testing. Hopefully she makes it. Since I've been giving it to my dog for the past 3 weeks and he's been throwing up at almost every night and blue mountain kitten food diarrhea occasionally. To top it off the dog was extremely lethargic and only really had energy to get off the couch and vacate his bodily fluids when needed. I take to the internet and start digging.
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At this point I decide to take in the dog and have some tests ran. Thanksgiving day we introduced the kitten pate, she devoured it, for two days and now she quit eating.

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It sounds like they may have tainted fish or changed the recipe. Stool is still fairly loose with a very minor amount of blood, no straining.

Blue Buffalo Pet Foods

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food. By: Blue . Halo Grain Free Kitten Holistic Wild Salmon & Whitefish Dry Cat Food. $ Buy Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, 5- lb bag at FREE shipping and the BEST customer service!. Results 1 - 36 of 97 Shop Chewy for low prices and the best Blue Buffalo Cat Food! Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food,
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I feel bad because I did do research and thought Blue Buffalo was a good food. I adopted a Golden Retriever a couple of years ago. I would sell my kidneys for my babies, but that is not the point.

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I personally do not feed my pets Blue, and never will. Stool is still fairly loose with a very minor amount of blood, no straining. After she was sick and I changed her to Fromms, I emailed Blue Buffalo and asked where they get their ingredients and never heard back. I know it has to be the Blue Buffalo food that made her sick because she's never been sick after eating before and the Blue Buffalo is the only thing that's changed. I'm convinced that Blue Buffalo killed my cat.
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This dog food is toxic, don't feed it to your pets.
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Blue Wilderness Wild Delights High Protein Grain Free Wet Cat Food Kitten . meat, Blue Rocky Mountain Recipes are sure to cater to the wild side in your cat. Get Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Cat Food, Treats & Litter at your Local Pet Supplies Plus. The Blue Buffalo Company was founded in when Bill Bishop, the owner of an Airedale named Blue, was inspired to make a super-premium pet food to.
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