What to look for when adopting a cat

Older cats have already lived in homes with other humans. Make sure your cat knows where her litter tray is and that it is roomy enough for her to comfortably use with plenty of litter. Bring a basket to the shelter with a piece of fabric on top to provide a sense of security and safety to your new pet. Want more reasons to adopt from a shelter? Give your senior cat time to adjust to her new environment first, and then set aside a time when no one is in a rush to introduce her to other family members. Mull them over, then what to look for when adopting a cat to your local shelter! If you own a dog, it might be a good idea to put either the dog or the cat in a cage during the first introduction.
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11 Expert Tips for Adopting a Cat | Mental Floss

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This breaks our hearts because senior cats are usually the first to be put down in a shelter! Clean her litter tray regularly.

11 Expert Tips for Adopting a Cat

Dr. Marty Becker shares tips for adopting a shelter cat and notes that the Other shelters give you a chance to look the cats over and visit with. Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Cat. If you are planning to add a new furry friend to your family, consider pet adoption as an alternative. Each year in the. If you're looking for a new buddy, consider adopting from your local There are TONS of kittens, adult cats, and senior cats that are looking for.
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When is a cat an adult?

Plus, many shelters offer free adoptions for old cats! After a period of familiarization—which can sometimes last weeks—any hissing and growling should subside, and they'll be able to interact without fighting. When is a cat an adult? There are advantages to adopting from a shelter, and saving money is one of them. But there's a method to this madness— according to the American Humane Society, cats provide each other with exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction that humans just can't quite match. Those cats are the keepers, no matter what they look like.
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Stay updated Get the latest news from Petcube about pet care, rescue and funny videos. If you're going to jump in, do it with both feet, right? Our new tool will narrow down more than breeds for you.
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Dr. Marty Becker shares tips for adopting a shelter cat and notes that the Other shelters give you a chance to look the cats over and visit with. Here are some things to consider before bringing your first cat home. Explore whether you're ready for the commitment and the type of cat to. So if you're planning on celebrating June's Adopt a Cat Month quite literally, If they see animals that don't look healthy, they should ask some.
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