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Before the Battle of Hastings inEnglish soldiers reportedly sang:. Since alcohol was involved, wassailers often got too rowdy. By the Middle Ages, the practice of sharing a giant bowl of wassail—that is, the practice of wassailing —evolved from a holiday celebration to a form of boozy begging. It was supposedly on the what is a bobtail during Lammas Day, a pagan autumnal harvest holiday that involves transforming cornhusks into dolls. Gall means rancor or bitterness of spirit, but it also means bile. By the turn of the 20th century, carolers were more likely to sing about libations than actually drink what is a bobtail. Misers like Selden may have had a point:
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By the turn of the 20th century, carolers were more likely to sing about libations than actually drink them.

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It's time for another hidden image puzzle! If so, let us know by emailing us at bigquestions mentalfloss. Stock up on sherry and wine and try this traditional recipe from The Williamsburg Cookbook.

10 Archaic Christmas Carol Words Explained

adjective. Also bob·tailed. having a bobtail. cut short; docked; cropped. shorter or briefer than usual; abbreviated: Several legislative items must be dropped from. Bobtail may refer to: An animal with its tail bobbed; A wolf who was leader of the man-eating Wolves of Paris; A natural bobtail, an animal with a genetically short. Recent Examples on the Web. Hawaiian bobtail squid sleep under the sand all day, coming out to forage at night. — National Geographic, "Living Fireworks.
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Before you peek at the answer, read up on the history of the Christmas stocking here. Judging by its use in other poems and songs of the era, it can also mean upset in the emotional sense. In fact, boisterous wassailers are one reason why Oliver Cromwell and Long Parliament passed an ordinance in that essentially banned Christmas.

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Courser is another word for a fast horse, and the author of "A Visit from St. It's time for another hidden image puzzle! Before the Battle of Hastings in , English soldiers reportedly sang: But, in England, wassail also denoted the alcoholic beverage you imbibed during that toast—an elixir of steamy mulled mead or cider. Nicholas" which has been much-disputed over the years uses it to refer to reindeer as well. It was also imbibed on Twelfth Night , a January holiday that involves lighting a fire in an orchard, dancing, and singing incantations to apple trees in hopes of encouraging a bountiful harvest.
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Beginning in the s, music publishers started releasing the first commercial Christmas carols, uncorking classics such as God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and The First Noel. Can you find the lone Christmas stocking hidden among them? Misers like Selden may have had a point:
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The world of trucking seems to have a language all of its own. Trucker slang refers to equipment used in the industry and the terms referring to specific. When a driver bobtails, he or she is driving without a trailer. Therefore, a bobtail tractor is simply a tractor without a trailer connected. A bobtail fee is charged by the trucker to drop off an FCL container at the warehouse and pick it up after it has been unloaded, as opposed to a live unload.
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