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Laurie Cavanaugh, who made this ring, has them available at the Mad Jeweler's Workshop. This sphere ring made by acanthusleaf is modeled on a historical pattern that cat engagement rings four rings hinged at different points. The Remember Ring will remind you of your anniversary by getting hotter! They will be rendered in up to cat engagement rings lines of binary code, perfect for the romantically-inclined computer geek! He's now looking for a proper code. Their value was in the symbolism.
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Price - 100$

Make your own wedding rings is an individual statement, and will save money, too!

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Remember Rings There are even rings with embedded technology. Laurie Cavanaugh, who made this ring, has them available at the Mad Jeweler's Workshop.

11 Weird and Wonderful Wedding Rings

Items 1 - 48 of The most special rings for the most special occasion. Symbolic wedding bands and engagement rings made to be worn and treasured forever. The unique creations include a cat-faced keyhole design that comes to life on the bride's wedding day. Are you a cat person? Are you buying an engagement ring for your cat lover bride-to-be? Worry no more. Read this article to help you find the.
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Junior - Age: 20
Price - 155$

You can make rings out of coins , but keep in mind that it is illegal to deface US currency. Watch a video of a similar process here.


Jeweler Andrew English does commissioned wedding rings with the fingerprint inside or outside. Once upon a time, wedding bands were plain gold, or more likely gold plated. Rings that intertwine with each other are quite symbolic. Scientists and artists have collaborated to make rings out of the wearer's bone tissue. With a binary ring , you can engrave a coded message of your choice, up to 20 characters. Fingerprint Rings Just yesterday, I saw a fingerprint ring which inspired this post. It would be cool to have a ring that you could play with.
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Price - 87$

He's now looking for a proper code.
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Matching Wedding Rings with Authentic Diamonds at Affordable Prices – see You can have the cat wake her up in the morning with the ring. exactly like the yellow-gold triple-diamond ring that Prince Harry designed trying to ward off cat-calling toads with a fake engagement ring. IT only took twenty years but Cat Deeley is finally able to show off her knockout diamond engagement ring gifted to her by hubby Patrick Kielty.
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