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There's a side to your pets that you never see. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: The history of pets and family life — Egham, Surrey. One particular phobia that attracted considerable medical and popular attention was ailurophobia — that fear of cats. As the kitten grew, she also became less afraid of full-grown cats.
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There are many ways to treat ailurophobia; treatment is usually carried out by a psychiatrist or other therapy specialist. Xiumin of musical group Exo developed ailurophobia in his childhood due to being attacked by a cat.

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Why are some people afraid of cats?

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In the movie series The Mummy , the main antagonist Imhotep has a fear of cats, since he is a living corpse and cats have associations as guardians of the underworld in Egyptian mythology. The felines of the world clearly have formed an alliance to make my life miserable. There could be no other explanation for their uncanny ability to sniff me out wherever I go.


Jan 12, All were aware of the irrationality of their fears, but were powerless to overcome There was also, of course, ailurophobia: the fear of cats. Jul 27, But there is actually a third feeling many people have for felines: they fear them. The clinical name for Fear of Cats is Ailurophobia. Although it's. Fear of cats: An abnormal and persistent fear of cats which produces an undue anxiety reaction even though sufferers realize their fear is irrational. Sufferers of.
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But Hall argued, in Darwinian vein, that fears and phobias are largely the product of our evolutionary past, and come to us as inherited forms from our remote ancestry.

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Cats have sought to ruin many vacations, too. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: He was also interested in the seeming ability of some sufferers to be able to detect, without seeing it, when a cat is in a room. One strongly motivated patient was able to recover by slowly becoming accustomed to cat fur, under therapist supervision, by first touching varying types of velvet, then becoming accustomed to a toy kitten, and finally a live kitten which the patient subsequently adopted. The dawn of the internet appears to have intensified our cultural fascination with cats.
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There was also, of course, ailurophobia: The felines of the world clearly have formed an alliance to make my life miserable.
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Dec 2, However, there are some things cats universally seem to harbor irrational fears of , which makes you think there could be something more to this. Oct 30, My name is Dahleen Glanton. And I'm an ailurophobe. That's right. I am terrified of cats. I don't know where my intense fear of cats came from or. If you have the extreme or irrational fear of cats, then you are not alone. In the United States alone, nearly % of individuals are known to fear animals of.
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