Diy scratch post for cats

Another option is to leave the rug folds "as is"; they create a nice diy scratch post for cats when the board is flat on the floor. Stitch together the seams where they meet on the back, flip it over, and voila: George needed no persuasion—as soon as we set the post upright, he walked right up and started using it. It's also more difficult to get the carpet to lay flat if you use glue. For this latest one, we decided to get fancy and add a bit of carpet.
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If on the contrary it is a simple scraper go directly to the next step as this will not be necessary. This board will lay flat on the floor or hang from a wall, so it doesn't require a base. Click to attach a photo related to your comment.

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Keep your cat overlord happy with this easy DIY scratching post | Popular Science

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You have a cat scratching book board. Measure out each carpet piece to fit every wall of the shelf individually top, bottom, back, and two sides. If you do not have a perfect lining do not worry because your pet will love it nonetheless.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats

Aug 22, A scratching post is a necessary and essential item for any cat. Our pets need to vent, file down their fingernails, scratch and have a place that. How to Make a Cat Scratching Post. Scratching is an innate and necessary part of being a cat. Scratching cleans and sharpens claws and is something a cat will . Mar 3, With limited options in the store, my husband and I set out to build our own cat scratching post.
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Measure out each carpet piece to fit every wall of the shelf individually top, bottom, back, and two sides. Republic of Singapore English. It's also more difficult to get the carpet to lay flat if you use glue.

Tips & Tools

If you have hardwood floors, you're probably going to want to cushion the bottom of the wooden base. Fold the towel in half to double-up the material. Roll the post over to continue wrapping the carpet around it. Smear the entire surface with glue from one end to the other. Staple along the edges of the carpet to finish off the post. Take a look in stores and even on the internet to choose the right model.
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If you make a multi-storey scraper keep in mind that you must be very careful with the measurements. If you have already lined the tubing you are going to use, the next step is to assemble the structure.
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But I found it in my heart to build them this DIY cat tower / cat tree / scratching post Save $; Brownie points with the wife and kids; A post for Protect your furniture and drapes by creating a DIY cat scratching post so your cats can stretch their bodies and maintain their claws at home. Apr 7, Store bought cat scratching posts suck. See how to make your own that will honestly last you years and save you money!.
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