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On November 28th, IHE uploaded a video detailing the events that had transpired between him and Savage since his last video shown below. Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Derek Savage initially responded positively to reviews of the film and released an edited version of the film removing errors discovered by YMS. Please, if you get the chance, check out the official film website, for the cool cat saves the kids full movie adult gun-defense videos as well as the male stripper erotica that are just as well constructed as this movie. All the kids love him.
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Both versions have been made available on Ebay. I love it more than anything.

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Cool Cat Saves the Kids | Know Your Meme

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Studio Cool Cat Productions. Over the next several years, several short live-action films featuring Cool Cat were released.

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Cool Cat Saves the Kids () Jason Johnson in Cool Cat Saves the Kids ( ) Cool Cat Saves the Kids . See full technical specs». Edit. Did You Know? Trivia. The police man who arrests Butch the Bully is a well known adult film actor . Full MovieCool Cat Saves the Kids ()With HD Quality. Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Trailer. Views: Genre: Comedy, Crime, Family. Actors: April Ann Reese, Connor Dean, Derek Savage, Erik Estrada, Jason.
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The phrase has become notable amongst YourMovieSucks' fanbase, who has taken the phrase and said it on numerous occasions.

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Like us on Facebook! This review may contain spoilers. The Citizen Cane for cats. Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings. Anyone else find it ironic that a guy who made an Anti Bulling movie happened to bully several YouTubers for criticizing his film regardless if it falls under fair use of his content?
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Cool Cat Saves the Kids Uploaded by mixorin.
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Full MovieCool Cat Saves the Kids ()With HD Quality. Full MovieCool Cat Saves the Kids ()With HD Quality. Aug 4, Another example is Cool Cat Saves the Kids, the film debut of author Derek Savage's anti-bullying, gun safety-promoting children's book.
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